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Based on the novel Ruby’s Prayer by Ronald H. Keyser

Producers: Joe Newcomb


The years following the American Civil War propelled the great state of Texas into a bold future through a rush of expansionism. Much of this industrious activity was made possible by the ever-increasing reach of the railroads, and in Texas, great stretches of track were laid down and paid for with the lives of prisoners having little hope of ever escaping the state penal system. Ruby’s Prayer is the story of the Texas-based Wallace family during the spring of 1880, a family recovering from the wounds of the civil war, the loss of their mother, inhuman incarceration, sibling rivalries and double-dealings, all while enmeshed in the intrigues of political, monetary and personal ambition. Full of colorful, likable and despicable characters, Ruby’s Prayer reveals the hopes, loves and trials of an American family struggling to find their way during the tumultuous emergence of the Industrial Age, and the final days of the Wild West.